We focus on the problem your customer is trying to solve

Solve the customers' problems and you will generate business.

Our goal at BaseHost is to remove any obstacles your customer may face in finding the solution to their problem, by ensuring your website exists to solve it.

Studies show that more than 50% of inbound calls to businesses come from customers who have already been to the website. If that is happening to you, the customer is telling you that your website is just not cutting it.

Clean & Modern Websites

A BaseHost website is designed to reduce customer effort. We build well laid out, visually appealing sites that read well, and are designed to guide your customer to the service they are looking for without confusion or misdirection.

Considering the majority of people are busier than ever, when someone looks for something, they’re typically going to start the journey on their phone and have very little time to wait for a result before skipping to your competitor.

To you, that means several important things

  1. Your site needs to display correctly on a mobile device;
  2. It needs to look like you’re a professional business;
  3. It needs to load fast;
  4. It needs to tell the story of what you do quickly;
  5. It needs to let the client engage with you in a way that is fast and efficient.

A customer comes to your website because you’ve articulated a solution to a problem they’re looking to solve. Just because you can solve it, doesn’t mean you get the opportunity to do it, unless you can satisfy the fundamentals of a good website.

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