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Web Design 101: 4 Qualities of a Minimalist Website

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Design, Online Branding

Web Design 101: 4 Qualities of a Minimalist Website 

There’s a reason why many businesses are incorporating minimalist web design. The simple answer is that it just works. With the amount of media online users consume daily, their senses have been dulled by too much unnecessary information. For this reason, today’s generation of online users are no longer wow-ed by explosive visuals and dragging web copies. 

The Elements of Minimalist Web Design 

Minimalist web design is great for companies of different sizes, especially if you want to focus on your products and services as your website’s highlight. Remember that your website’s main goal is to make transactions easier through digital spaces. For this reason, minimalism offers the correct design principles to optimise your conversions through consistent site elements. 

 In this article, we’ll share four qualities of minimalist web design and how you can use it for your business website. 

  1. Typography

The most noticeable aspect of minimalist web design is its emphasis on typography. This is why minimalist websites are more purposeful with text, from the font types to their placement. Although Helvetica is a common typeface for minimalist sites, other bold headlines can complement legible body text. While these choices may seem ignorable, you’ll see the impact of how it blends to your site. 

  1. Color Schemes

Color theory plays an essential role in every type of design, whether it’s product packaging or a website. Since different emotions are attributed to specific shades, you will notice specific industries having their own set of preferred palettes. 

Besides a minimalist website’s use of text, another feature that’s commonly attributed to minimalism is its use of a simple color scheme. Ultra-minimalist designs have a very limited palette, using only monochromatic colors or one to two shades or complements. For this reason, your colour choice is more noticeable and offers a more informative and emotional attachment to your web design. 

  1. Negative Spaces

Negative space is another tenant of minimalism which is necessary to highlight different sections of your site. Besides having a site that’s easy on the eyes, these white spaces also lead to better visibility on mobile devices. This is why many companies opt for the simplicity of minimalism to avoid conflicts with mobile interfaces and layouts. 

Negative spaces lead to greater focus on different parts of your site. However, it’s easy to confuse empty spaces and negative spaces if you don’t use them in purposeful areas. For this reason, optimising negative spaces is the most complex part of any minimalist design. 

  1. Visual Harmony

Visual harmony is the backbone of minimalist design. It involves the proper alignment of your site by combining all of the elements above. Although many people confuse visual harmony with centered alignment, there are numerous ways to present your site’s information to balance colours, photos, text, and other elements. For this reason, it’s vital to balance out heavy and soft elements to create an optimised website. 


Knowing the elements of minimalist web design and implementing them are two different disciplines. For this reason, it’s vital to have an expert oversee the execution of your site’s reformed visual direction. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through a lengthy onboarding process to find an in-house web designer. Instead, you can hire a full team ready to accommodate your vision and turn it into a reality. 

Base Host is an Australia-based company providing various online solutions to optimise your website. We provide compelling website design services to help you transition to an effective minimalist website. Contact us to learn more about small business packages! 

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