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What does a hosting company actually do?

by | Aug 1, 2016 | Web Hosting

As a small business owner or start-up founder, you’re probably quite used to trying on different hats. No, we’re not talking hats for Melbourne Cup. With tight budgets you assume a lot of roles and often have a crack in areas you’re not qualified in. It’s why you might consider taking on web hosting yourself.

In theory, web hosting should be easy. But in actual fact, it can get complicated, and expensive, if you try to do it yourself.

For one, it takes a pretty hard core web server to deliver the functionality your small business needs. This is especially so if you rely on high performance databases to run your blog or CRM systems. Without the right server, your efficiencies will drop, as might your customer’s user experience (UX).

Choosing a solid hosting provider is pivotal for your business visibility. You may shut up shop, but your website is always open. At least it should be. If your equipment isn’t up to the task your customers may face a crashed website, which may lead them elsewhere… like, ahem, directly to your competitors!

Another advantage of using a hosting provider is that they’ll back up the all-important data your business relies on. So even if you are struck by a power surge or a nasty virus, your host will be able to roll back your data to a time pre-incident.

Your hosting provider should also provide you with simple, user friendly interfaces, that make your interactions with the systems quicker and easier.

Indeed, the greatest benefit we see in small businesses using hosting companies, is that they allow you to focus your energies where they’re really needed. IT is an ever evolving environment and those of us who specialise in the industry spend a wealth of time keeping abreast of developments. This is time that you as a small business owner could better dedicate to customer interaction and product development.

While we understand that hosting costs money, we suggest you consider it an investment in your business (and your mental health). When things go wrong you want the deft hand of someone experienced and skilled in the area to fix things for you. There’s honestly nothing worse than trying to fix something you don’t really understand, while also trying to manage rosters and payroll. It’s the same reason we pay mechanics to fix our cars.

And not to go completely dramatic on you, but imagine how much greater the costs would be if something really seriously went wrong, not to mention all the time you’ve wasted. Suddenly that small monthly hosting fee becomes a little more reasonable.


Your web hosting provider has the equipment, skills and experience to manage your online presence for you. Sure, it costs a little money, but the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is being taken care of by a professional is well worth it. Running a small business is, after all, stressful enough without worrying about your website crashing, or your precious data being lost.

Still not convinced, or think this blog is a cheeky marketing ploy, check out this cautionary tale published in the Huffington Postand we’re sure you’ll change your mind.

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