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Why Amazon Web Services Is the Best Option for Your Business

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Managed Services, Web Hosting

Some people may not be aware that Amazon offers various web services, especially for businesses. While there may also be those who are aware, you may wonder who uses these web services and whether it is worth making the switch over. 

In this article, we talk about Amazon Web Services and what exactly it is about. Additionally, we also discuss how these services may benefit your business and whether you should go and make the switch today. 

What Is Amazon Web Services (AWS)? 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing service provider. This means that they offer a number of different services on the internet, such as storage, databases, servers, networking, and more. For Amazon, they are dubbed as the leading provider of these cloud computing services today. 

While many may know Amazon for its online shopping services, and other ventures, it has actually been exploring cloud computing services since 2004. They first began so with the launch of their Simple Queue Service (SQS), which became the basis and building block for their AWS today. 

By 2006, they released Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), which is a cloud storage solution service. Eventually, they launched their Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), which allowed for the creation and building of applications using the cloud. 

The use of cloud computing services has greatly increased throughout the years. Many providers are now venturing into offering cloud computing services because it is not a business that would end up dying or failing any time soon. 

Cloud computing services have greatly been beneficial for businesses. It allows them to have one location to work on their IT needs, making it easier to work with and for them to accommodate. AWS has provided these needs and services to their clients, allowing them to become the number one in this industry. 

Why Should You Choose AWS? 

AWS has a proven track record with its big-name clients. Clients like Netflix, Twitch, AirBnB, LinkedIn and Facebook have all publicly stated their use of AWS. This is more than enough to prove that AWS is greatly trusted and reliable. 

AWS also provides you with all of the tools and resources your business needs for all of the IT aspects. This allows you to focus on just the business venture and expanding it, while your IT needs are easily taken care of. 

It is also clear that AWS has never failed any of its clients as it became the leader in cloud computing service providers. Netflix, one of the biggest companies in the world, has made the full switch, working completely with AWS without any other database or cloud service providers. 

Should We Make the Switch? 

As long as AWS is available in your region, then switching to it is highly recommended. AWS has shown significant benefits with its usage and has provided the best cloud computing services, maintaining its high quality with great resources. 

You should make the switch today or consider AWS as one of your business’ viable options. Provided that they meet your needs, and they most likely will, switching to AWS will allow your business to play in the big leagues when it comes to its IT. 


AWS has proven its usefulness and effectiveness with its clients. As many big-name companies now make use of AWS, it is about time your business does the same. 

For more information about Amazon Web Services or for the best web hosting services, we at BaseHost will be glad to help you. We provide the best web hosting and design services at affordable prices. For businesses in the USA and Australia, contact us today for your web hosting needs. 

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