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Why DNS Is an Essential Web Service for Your Business

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Design, Web Hosting

Without having a deep understanding of what DNS is or what it accomplishes, your company has managed just fine. Most likely, you didn’t give it much thought.  

That was true up until October 2021, when a DNS issue caused Facebook to undergo its longest downtime since 2008. Suddenly, you and other business owners began wondering what DNS is. 

That may have been your initial point of entry into this post. You’re interested in DNS because you want to understand why it’s so crucial that even the most well-known internet services might go offline due to it. 

DNS, Defined 

The domain name system (DNS) is one of the most important parts of the internet and has influenced how people today view it. It resembles a phonebook for the internet in many ways.  

It is a vast global server network that houses a dispersed database of domain names and IP addresses. It is in charge of matching the proper domain name with the appropriate IP address. 

The sections below show the different aspects you want to discuss with a DNS provider. 

Domain Name 

Your website’s name is its domain name, such as It is either available for purchase through a domain registrar, or a hosting company offers it without charge.  

Because domain names are often human-readable words and characters rather than long strings of numbers, they make it easier to navigate the internet. 

IP Address 

An IP address is a distinct collection of digits separated by full stops and resembles the following: Each computer or server has a unique IP address that enables network communication.  

It is logical that machines are identified by their serial numbers because they are better at working with numbers. Recalling a series of digits can be difficult every time someone connects to the internet. 

DNS Server 

DNS servers are computer servers with the sole purpose of converting domain names to IP addresses so that DNS clients can connect to the origin server. 

DNS Hosting 

A DNS hosting service manages DNS servers. Usually, they include domain name registrars that bundle hosting with registration. 

What Makes DNS So Valuable? 

Many people only need a few clicks on a smartphone or inputs on a keyboard to access the internet. Users can quickly establish connections to a seemingly limitless number of online services. All of that is due to DNS. 

DNS makes sure that the internet is not only user-friendly but also operates efficiently, loading any content you request in a timely manner. It serves as one of the pillars on which the internet is built.  

Without it, we would be forced to memorise extensive lists of numbers (IP addresses) to access the desired material. You won’t be able to visit the website you’re looking for if a DNS service is unable to convert the domain name to the correct IP address. 


DNS not only makes the internet more user-friendly, but it also enables corporations or other organisations to make adjustments that will be to their advantage.  

They can change to a different web host without having their website traffic affected by lower prices. The foundation of the internet is DNS. The internet, as you know it, would collapse without it. 

If you need a DNS provider for your business in Australia, don’t hesitate to call BaseHost. We’re an Australian-based company that provides hosting and web design services, packaging online services in a manner that you can afford. Contact us now to get started. 

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