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Why Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate: Top 3 Reasons

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Managed Services

Why Does Your Website Need an SSL Certificate? Top 3 Reasons 

As online shopping and other forms of eCommerce have become today’s norm, security has been an increasing concern for many individuals and businesses. How do users know that their bank account information and credit card details will remain safe and secure throughout the transaction? The answer lies in secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates. 

An SSL certificate on your website assures users that the page is secure and protected. It usually comes in the form of a lock icon in the URL bar beside the website’s name. A web page that does not have this icon is an unsecured site, and many users will be wary enough not to provide their information. 

If you want to ensure that your site drives visitors to trust you and transact with you, an SSL certificate is not something you can ignore. It’s not just vital in gaining customer trust—it’s also an essential aspect of protecting your website. Not purchasing this seemingly small feature with your web hosting services brings several critical risks to a business. 

 Why Is Having an SSL Certificate Important? 

Securing your website with an SSL certificate goes beyond just placing a lock icon on the search bar. It’s a vital feature that has many benefits to a site, including: 

1 – Improving Site Loading Speed 

There are some misconceptions that state that having an SSL will slow down your site, but the reality is quite the opposite. By purchasing an SSL certificate, your website’s extension will be HTTPS, which entitles you to faster loading speeds and optimal performance. 

2 – Ensuring Website Security 

Even if you’re not an eCommerce enterprise, your website will still require security measures to prevent cyberattacks and other forms of malicious activity. You’ll avoid data breaches and protect your information against would-be attackers. It encrypts data, which means that you and your visitors’ details will only be accessible to authorised users. 

The SSL certificate serves as proof of the site’s credentials, such as the certificate holder, expiry date, serial number, and signature of the issuing authority. Furthermore, Google now flags all web pages without these features as “Not Safe,” which can deter a significant number of visitors. 

3 – Improving Visitor Experience 

Because your site is fast and secure, your visitors will have a better browsing experience. An SSL certificate also eliminates the fear of visiting and making transactions on an unsecured website. Having this feature ultimately boosts your traffic and conversion rates, which can be better for business. 

Protect Your Website and Get More Traffic with an SSL Certificate 

An SSL certificate is an invaluable feature that has a remarkable return on investment—and it’s a necessity for many types of websites. In an ever more competitive market, this tool can boost your conversions by ensuring top-tier performance, security, and customer satisfaction. With this in mind, you can massively increase your growth by making a small investment! 

If you’re looking for web hosting services with SSL certification in the US and Australia, BaseHost has you covered. We’ll provide you with reliable hosting and design services to help you grow your brand. With affordable solutions, we’ll ensure satisfaction no matter the size of your business. 

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