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Why Every Website Needs a Custom 404 Page Just In Case

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Design, Web Hosting

The best web hosting companies will boast reliable services and streamlined performance. Yet one error or forgotten element in any programming may result in broken or missing pages.  

However, identifying broken or missing pages is not altogether bad for websites in general. When they are properly identified and labelled, it keeps the website uniformly working, and it also opens it up for opportunities to deal with simple issues creatively.

Today, we’ll learn more about what the 404 page is and its role in a website.

What is the 404 Page?

The 404 Error or 404 Page Not Found page is a default page sign stating that the particular page is broken or not found in the database. Many website design services may include these error pages in their websites to let visitors know that certain pages are currently unavailable or under error. Some do not have a definite timeline for when it will finally be fixed or updated.

It could mean three things: the current page doesn’t exist and was taken down for correction or updating. The page might also be missing after an update or site overhaul left it unarchived and saved.

A 404 Is Better than a Broken Page or Link

Seeing many 404 pages on your site can mean bad site management. You haven’t even dealt with your missing pages, but you are operating with “incomplete content.” Yet, some newer sites are presented as-is.

It means that the rest of the needed parts of the site are up and operational, and the 404 ones can sit back and wait as they are not that needed yet. They are future content placeholders.

And with a custom 404, not only do you know that parts are coming soon, the extra links on a 404 helps with customer management. It is still a clever site design feature because you reduce the risk of losing the customer. You can even add a creative approach for each page type. By redirecting customers to the proper index to view what they need, they can stay engaged on the site and prevent high bounce rates instead of falling into a dead-end or a broken link trap. 

Final Notes

A clever site design presents everything you need in aesthetic and functional combination. But when parts of a site are not yet present, a custom 404 default error page is the best option rather than a dead-end error. Broken content and pages will help devalue the site. Proper error pages with helpful content will help keep viewers on-site and help them manage their expectations.

BaseHost understands that with reliable, professional web hosting services, you also have to work smart. Handling both web design and web hosting gives you insight into the best practices. Often, these two professional worlds are intertwined, and many customers come to expect both services. Ring us, and we’ll provide you with the same affordable and professional site hosting and design to boost your online presence.

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