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Why Plesk is The Best Control Panel for Web Hosting Services – What to Know

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Web Hosting

Web hosting control panels have become increasingly popular nowadays, especially for businesses that focus mainly on web hosting services. The use of a panel helps you manage a hosting setup through a web-based interface, allowing your clients’ proper facilitation of their day-to-day operations.

Picking out a proper web hosting control panel can be quite tricky, as this is a highly important decision to make for the longevity of your business. One of the best control panels available in the market today is Plesk, and its various user-friendly functionalities easily allow it to dominate the industry.

What is Plesk?

Plesk, as previously stated, is a highly functional web hosting control panel that is one of the most popular choices of web hosting companies. It facilitates basic management functions, such as setting up a mailbox, creating FTP accounts, managing DNS autoresponders, and many others. While these are considered rather basic duties of a server administrator, it definitely helps promote efficiency by streamlining the process.

Plesk’s straightforward interface is a major bonus for all users, allowing for more simple tasks to be done at the click of a button. It utilises a one-click installation tool, allowing for the instant installation of various CMS on a user’s website. The control panel itself is heavily customisable, giving one the instant use of various plug-ins and add-ons they frequent.

Why use Plesk?

Apart from its exceedingly easy use, its wide array of functionalities set it apart from its other competitors.

  1. It is usable in both Windows & Linux Before Plesk came along, those using Windows-based hosting did not have a decent control panel. Its compatibility with both Windows and Linux makes it incredibly versatile as compared to other similar services.
  2. It is extremely secure Plesk’s security system is incredibly diverse and sophisticated, ensuring the full protection of your servers. Not only does it support both LDAP and Active Directory authentication, but it can also utilise a Two-Factor Authentication method. A built-in and customisable firewall allows for an added layer of security, especially when patterned with the Fail2ban tool, which can monitor log files and ban IPv4 addresses that have numerous unsuccessful log-in attempts—ensuring the stop of malicious users and server attacks.
  3. It has a free site builder Plesk also has a free site builder attached to the package, allowing for the easy creation of a website with a few clicks of the button. This function helps ease website creation, adding to its access to over a hundred design templates.
  4. It can be monitored remotely A great addition to its already long list of functionalities is its mobile monitoring compatibility. This means that you can stay on top of operations even when you aren’t within sight of your servers, providing an avenue for preventive maintenance and quick resolution of server issues.


Plesk is an incredibly versatile web hosting control panel, useful for both experienced server administrators and beginner webmasters alike. Its greatest strengths lie in its Windows compatibility and heavy security measures. When considering a web hosting control panel, Plesk is definitely one of the best choices to consider.

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