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Why You Should Use Microsoft 365: Here are 5 Benefits

by | Sep 27, 2021 | Office365

Microsoft has gradually increased the number of subscribers to its cloud-based product, Office 365, in recent years. If you’re presently using an older version of Office, Office 365 may be able to help your organisation reach new heights in terms of productivity. Businesses all across the world have begun to use Office 365. Here are five reasons why you should consider subscribing to the service. 

  1. Work Remotely 

One of the most appealing features of Office 365 is that it allows customers to work from anywhere with internet access. Given the typical work setting alterations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this may be pretty beneficial. Because Office 365 is entirely cloud-based, you can access your emails, files, and popular Office apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel from anywhere and on any device. This is especially useful for businesses with a large number of workers that work remotely or travel often. 

  1. Scalability 

Office 365 allows you to scale your usage depending on how fast your business is growing. This is ideal because your team can continue to work with the tools they’re used to as you grow. Companies may mix and combine applications to create their unique solution for each user or department, and adding or removing users is as simple as adding or removing licences. You don’t have to shift to a new system or adjust to new tools since you can scale up as required. 

  1. Enhanced Security 

When you use Office 365, you can run your business without worrying about security. Unauthorised persons can’t access your data if they get on your computer since Office 365 is a completely secure environment with strong security measures in place. Security risks are discovered and prevented promptly using threat detection and anti-malware, which is especially critical for organisations that deal with private data or information.  

  1. Lower Monthly Fees 

Office 365 is a monthly subscription service. With traditional Microsoft Office packages, you will cut a major chunk out of the budget and pay a hefty amount upfront. However, with Office 365, your company will pay a moderate monthly price for each user. This is a major benefit since it may assist with cash flow because plans are generally paid month-to-month, and it makes it easy for the finance team to create a budget. It also allows you to switch off anything that isn’t in use, saving the company even more money. 

  1. Automatic Upgrades 

All major programs, including Word, Excel and Outlook, are included and may be used online without installing any software. Since upgrades occur at regular times, you no longer have to wonder if you are on the most recent version or not because it will happen automatically. The cost of purchasing new software is also eliminated because updates are included in your Office 365 licence subscription. 


As you can see, Microsoft’s Office 365 provides a slew of appealing features that may help your company succeed. Rather than switching between various brands and programs, you can choose a straightforward, all-in-one solution that has the most cutting-edge capabilities for your entire team to use. Microsoft’s advanced software is transforming how organisations operate. Therefore, it may be time for your company to switch to Office 365. 

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