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WooCommerce Dropshipping vs Shopify Dropshipping

by | Nov 12, 2018 | E-Commerce

Owners who launch an e-commerce website often debate on whether to opt for WooCommerce Dropshipping or Shopify Dropshipping. Are you having the same crisis? If so, hopefully, we can make it easier for you to decide.

Most of the objections against WooCommerce is its complexity compared to Shopify which is kind of plug and play. But below we have discussed how other factors take the complexity away and make it much better than Shopify.


WooCommerce is simple to use and uses WordPress for its content management system (CMS). As a result, most of the eCommerce world is WooCommerce. In contrast, Shopify uses a drag-and-drop mechanism. It’s easy to use as well. You have to pay for hosting in both. But the main difference between the two would be the pricing. For hosting in WooCommerce you need to pay $10 per month, conversely, in Shopify, you need to pay $29 per month. You can get WooCommerce at a much cheaper rate making it more feasible.

Setting Up

Moving on to setting up your platform. Shopify will probably take just about half an hour, but in the case of WooCommerce, you can get your dropshipping business up and running in about 15 minutes. For multiple stores, you will need to begin from square one if you choose Shopify. However, WooCommerce has a Duplicator plugin which enables you to duplicate your store. Within a couple of minutes, you get another store with the exact same content.


The interface of your website should also be a treat to the eyes so that it converts every visit to a sale. Hence your design and theme should be top-notch. Even though Shopify provides you with over 60 themes to choose from, only 10 among those are free to use. On the contrary, WooCommerce offers you over hundreds of themes with most of them being free and fully customizable.


Shopify provides you the opportunity to make your store smart. They have an app marketplace which allows you to buy plugins to make your platform better. With over 1200 apps, many with even free trials, you have a wonderful experience. In comparison, WooCommerce lets you decide from 75,000 extensions, among which most of them are free. You can basically find an extension for any feature you pick.


Having a helpline is very important as a technical glitch is inevitable. Providing you with a 24/7 support system, Shopify is there for the users. As soon as you hit a bump, a call to Shopify solves the problem within minutes. But WooCommerce does not have customer service helpline. Instead, due to it being an open-source WordPress plugin, you will find numerous online forums. That way you can get help from others’ problems and other users may benefit from the questions you ask.


Hopefully, this article gave you a better insight into both the eCommerce platforms. Now if you wish to start your own, maybe you will have a better understanding of what to pick- WooCommerce Dropshipping or Shopify Dropshipping. I, for one, would definitely go with WooCommerce Dropshipping.

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