According to their website, WordPress powers 25% of the internet. With an array of free templates, and their user-friendly features, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so popular for small business websites and the bloggers of the world (you know the types with a penchant for oversharing the most inane features of their life).

How can BaseHost help you?

WordPress websites

If you started your website on WordPress and you’re looking for a new place to host it, step right up. By choosing to host your WordPress site with BaseHost, you’ll be putting your best and fastest face forward for your customers.

WordPress blogs

With the mantra ‘content is king’ getting more airplay than Malcolm Turnbull’s election campaign, blogging has become the cornerstone of most digital marketing plans. WordPress provides a great blogging solution for small businesses. However, it’s not going to help your business if it sits separately from your own website at a WordPress address. For that reason, we can incorporate your WordPress site a as a subsidiary of your own site, meaning customers are right there where you need them!

For those who haven’t jumped on blogging the bandwagon yet, let our one-click installation feature mark your foray into the blogging world. Just promise us one thing… unless you’re running a local restaurant or food truck, please refrain from sharing pictures of what you ate for dinner!

What will you get if you choose BaseHost?

Whether you’re using a WordPress template for your blog or website, you’ll benefit from our 24/7 customer service when you choose to host with BaseHost.

Delivered on Enterprise-Grade hardware from Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 servers, based in Sydney, site loading times will be significantly reduced. This all helps you to deliver your Australian based customers the fastest and best possible user experience (UX).

What do you pay?

If you’ve got a site already and you’re just looking to take advantage of our website hosting, then that’s all you’ll pay for.

However, if the stress of keeping your website is too much for your small business, we can also manage your site for you with one of our website management packs, designed especially for WordPress.

Of course, if you want to go all extreme makeover on us (without turning into one of The Real Housewives of Melbourne), then one of our Design as a Service or Storefront as a Service packages may be just up your laneway! We love these as not only do they leave you with a stunning and user friendly website, there are no budget breaking upfront costs to your small business. Rather, we spread the costs over the contractual term to keep you zen.

When do you pay?

As a friend to small business, we don’t believe in upfront payments that dent your budget and elevate your cortisol levels beyond that which is healthy. That’s why we allow you to pay monthly for the duration of your hosting contract.

Why BaseHost?

We’ve got the experience. We’ve got the skills. We’ve got the best hardware. And we’ve got you in mind. Let us deliver a fast, reliable and secure WordPress experience at the best possible price.

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