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WordPress websites – WordPress Monitoring

Understanding how your website is working for you from the inside out

  • Do you know how many people visit your site on a daily basis? Which pages they checked out? How they found your site in the first place?
  • What’s the load speed of your site? If you have an e-commerce site, is your checkout process fast and easy?
  • You assume your site is always online, but is that actually the case? What’s your uptime score? If it’s not close to 100% you’ve got a problem

Streamline and automate the delivery of your outbound email marketing campaigns and get rich insights on performance.

Monitoring and analytics make sure your website is working hard for your business


Downtime can damage your reputation, search engine rankings, and revenue. Uptime monitoring is available as part of our WordPress monitoring service


Using the data gathered by our analytics, we can provide insights allowing you to make data driven decisions for your business


A peak in site load speed may actually be indicative of a drop in visitor numbers, which could be linked to issues with your SEO


If you’re offering free material on your site, we can drill down into how many downloads you’ve achieved, or how many form submissions you’ve received


Do your customers find it easy to navigate your site? Analyzing the user journey can map trends and identify bottlenecks


See how visitors engage with your products on both your website an mobile apps if you have them

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Social Media Marketing

A tailored social media campaign is only one click away

 You’ve got a fresh website, and now you need a thoughtful, consistent social media strategy to grow your business. BaseHost will create relevant, valuable content and deliver it to your target audience across the platforms your customers actually use, driving traffic back to your website.

AWS Servers

You have a fleet of aging servers

 This is a common story and most IT support organisations will recommend you buy replacements and keep the whole show going. All that really does is locks you into old and inflexible setups for years to come!

The value of WordPress Monitoring

Having a beautiful website is but one step in the journey to business success. Monitoring and analytics are an essential and highly useful set of tools when it comes to getting the most from your WordPress site. A Monitoring package from BaseHost can tell you how many visitors your site has, how they found your site in the first place, how they moved through the site, the products or services they looked at, how fast the pages loaded and much more. This data will allow you to track trends, User Experience (UX), the success of any SEO strategies you are employing, and make data driven decisions regarding areas that need work or how to best spend your website management budget. Information backed by hard data leads to optimized website performance, improved customer understanding, and ultimately, a better bottom line for your business.

Visitor Statistics

This data can determine the impact a SEO or Adwords strategy is having by showing how many visitor hits your site is achieving, and how each one was directed to your site

Site speed and responsiveness

On average, a page load speed of 2 to 3 seconds is what a customer will expect from a site. Anything longer, and they begin to lose confidence in the authenticity and professionalism of your offerings


My site is online always, right? Wrong. Downtime is scarily common due to a variety of factors. If your website is offline, you’re losing revenue, your search engine ranking, and customer confidence. 99.9% uptime is the benchmark.

Don’t confuse email marketing with spam, they couldn’t be more different!

Done right, email marketing can be the best investment you’ll ever make for your business. At BaseHost, we’re all about doing it right. Whether it’s helping you craft email content designed to build connections, analysing your web traffic to pinpoint where you’re losing your leads, or just growing your email list, we’re here to help.

Get the most out of your website with WordPress Monitoring

No website is immune to problems with performance, but unless you know they’re occurring, you can’t take steps to fix them. The goal is a fast, responsive site optimized for SEO to rank well in the natural search result listings. If you’re running Adwords or an email marketing campaign that is driving new business to your site but all the visitor traffic is causing it to run slowly or glitch, it’s money and time wasted. A BaseHost WordPress Monitoring package will help you optimize your site from the back end, and ensure any marketing campaigns are being supporting by a website that can handle business.

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Frequently asked questions

Couldn’t I do this myself?

You can definitely setup monitoring yourself with WordPress plugins. Some can drill down into analytics, and some free plugins won’t offer any additional data. Like most back end maintenance of a site, you can choose to DIY, but here at BaseHost we’re all about managed services, and making your life easier. Why worry about understanding , paying for and installing software for site analytics when we can do it for you at a price that will surprise you?

Can I bundle this service with hosting?

Absolutely. Talk to one of your WordPress experts about your goals for business and your website, and we can recommend services that will benefit you, and show you why. For example, if you find that an Adwords campaign has caused a traffic surge that your site is struggling to handle, it may be time to upgrade your hosting. As we also offer a variety of hosting options, we can simplify things with a curated package of bundled services.

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