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Managed Helpdesk Services

You can’t escape some form of IT in your business whether you’re big or small. The BaseHost Managed Helpdesk services provides one very simple service to you – We take care of it for you!

Our service employs a mix of remote and onsite IT experts to help you with your IT services. One of the very first things we aim to do is to simplify and de-clutter your IT environment to reduce risk and cost. Once this part is done, we look at what’s left and find a way to move it into our standard products (i.e. Office 365 Apps, Office 365 Mail, Cloud Backup and Managed Infrastructure) where it makes sense. Doing this does a couple of things; 1. It makes your IT environment reliable, 2. It allows us to support you from anywhere, avoiding delays and typical onsite complexities.

Our philosophy around Managed IT or Outsourced IT services is to avoid using bespoke or non-industry-based solutions and lock you in to specific IT vendors or even to us! You may think this is unusual for a service provider, and it is! We firmly believe we provide a superior service to others in the market and aim for transparency and applying the best possible solution for you.

It doesn’t need to be complicated with BaseHost.


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Why use BaseHost to support your business?

Our business is only focussed on Small Business clients. We understand how they work and what they need. Our technologies and trusted processes deliver amazing results.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team of IT experts are eager to help you fix problems and are at your disposal! Call us anytime for assistance with your website.

Cloud Migration

Our teams have performed literally hundreds of migrations to the cloud. We know how to do this quickly and effectively.

Change Management

We avoid unnecessary disruptions to your business and your staff and include this in every plan and every interaction with our customers.

Why Should you choose BaseHost?

At BaseHost, we’re committed to partnering with your business and seeing you succeed.

01. How can BaseHost help you?

We understand two things really well, Small Businesses and Technology. Our products, services, processes and staff are all here to support you and your business.

When you engage us, our very first job is to understand your business, what it needs and your appetite for change. In our experience most clients simply tell us that they want their business to operate smoothly without interruption to their IT.

We work quickly to get you on-boarded and make sensible commercial and technical decisions to use only the technology that make sense to you and your circumstances.

02. What will you get if you choose BaseHost?

First and foremost, you get our partnership and consultancy. No matter what package you choose, we will happily make recommendations about what works.

The scope of what you will get is purely determined on your business and your desire to consume technology. Our primary focus is to use reliable technologies that help keep you focussed on your business and not your IT services.

By getting to know your business, we are always able to provide recommendations for improvement in how you operate or use the technology you have or other technologies in the market that we know of that can help you.

03. When do you pay?

Our Managed IT services are provided on a monthly fee basis.

We find that every client is at a different stage of the journey toward the Cloud or consumption of IT in a broader sense. Where we need to, we will propose change works as a project which is paid separately to the Managed IT services.

04. Why choose BaseHost?

Our entire business is built to service you. Everything we do, every technology we recommend exists to keep your business running smoothly and to keep you happy. You, our customer, are our priority!

With a long history as a business and with the collective experience of the individuals inside it, we have an incredible amount of real and practical experience in using technology to solve problems for businesses. Coupled with an amazing price for our services, we provide incredible value to any customers we support.

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